Our Warranty

The body repair work carried out to your vehicle by Marounra Auto Refinishers is guaranteed against faulty materials and ⁄ or workmanship under the same terms and conditions as given by the vehicle manufacturer.

 Colour for Life program is:

  • a lifetime warranty on refinishing jobs
  • a striking quality proposition - more than a "lifetime warranty" is simply not possible
  • a professional marketing measure for selected bodyshops
  • no risk for the bodyshop
  • Free repair under warranty
  • Free warranty

Having your vehicle repaired by Marounra Auto Refinishers in no way affects your original Manufacture's Guarantee. Our paintwork finish guarantee is endorsed by our paint suppliers who are amongst the largest in the world.

Your vehicle has passed through our Quality Control System where it has been checked during the whole of the repair process and has been subject to a final Quality Control Inspection by a senior member of the Production Team.

All of the information regarding the individual repair process to your vehicle is stored on our computer system.

Your vehicle has just been professionally repaired by our experienced team of repair specialists, and returned to you looking as if it had never been damaged.

To achieve this excellent result we have made exclusive use of paint technologies by DuPont Refinish, the world’s leading producer of repair paint systems. We trust you’re pleased with what you see. We have full confidence in the expertise with which your repair has been carried out, as well as the superior quality of DuPont Refinish products. This is why our bodyshop, together with DuPont Refinish, will undertake to guarantee the quality of this paintwork for as long as your vehicle is on the road.

Lifetime Warranty

This guarantee is offered to you by our bodyshop, backed by DuPont Refinish, and covers the paintwork of your repair for the life of your vehicle. It can be transferred to the next owner until the vehicle is permanently scrapped or exported.

Quality throughout

The paintwork on your vehicle has been repaired exclusively using DuPont Refinish products. The exceptional quality of these products allows our bodyshop to offer you this Lifetime Warranty.

Excellent paintwork

While many repairs can match a vehicle’s colour at the time it is repaired, the repair paint can age differently than the vehicle’s original paint causing visible differences in colour. When DuPont Refinish products are used however, our bodyshop guarantees the repaired paintwork will remain true in colour, and will match the durability of your vehicle’s original paint. 

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